we've been invited back to play at deja on may 7. who's in?



so i thought i'd start a list of remixers we'd like to have redoing our music if we go ahead with this remix/video project. this is all in an ideal world stuff, of course - whether these people say yes or not is a different story. some are very wishful thinking. but hopefully, most might. don't know which songs might best go with each, but if you have any thoughts...

so, here goes......

lessons in time
st jambience
actual russian brides
collarbones/scissor lock
jono boulét/parades
cloud control
charles du cane
lunar module

that's my start for now. please add suggestions. especially maybe some international types. even if they're people we don't know, we can always ask.


live review

a nice review of last week's show on the spit press blog - click on the nice logo -

film / album idea

i was talking with sam last night. her and jos are still keen to do the film for the album, even though we didn't get the grant money. however, time restraints may be an issue, as they wouldn't be able to afford the same amount of time to the project as they would had we had money for them to do so. sam suggested that they maybe get one done in time for a june/july release, then work on more over time. which led me to thinking....

i suggested to her that maybe we could aim for one film to go out a month before releasing the album, then one a month from there, until all 7 or 8 (depending on how many tracks end up on the album) are completed. we could use that to keep some sort of interest in the album around for a longer period of time than normal, as we could make a big promotional deal every month until they're all done. it also gives sam and jos more time to get things done.

and just this afternoon, i had another idea that could tie in with it. what if we got a whole bunch of people to remix different tracks off the album, like 30 different artists or something, then, each month, as the film for a track is released, we can put it out as part of a free download single that comes with the film and 3 or 4 remixes of the track. the original versions would remain solely the domain of the album release, so they wouldn't take away from that, but we'd also end up with a whole array of different takes on the tracks from the album, which we can use to keep radio interested and things like that. (of course, all this would also be perfect for the 20th anniversary box set to be released in 2031 complete with a remastered version of the original album, all the remixes, and the film, in a bespoke, handmade box.)

any thoughts?


Karoshi Album Launch

As a response to Adrian's repeated hinting (who says men don't nag?) I am writing this here review of our splendiforous Saturday night soiree.

I think it would be universally agreed that we had a delightful time sharing music around the fairy lights at Tone.

Some highlights of the evening were as follows:

Ellie, Cherry and I wore our matching purple paisley dresses and $4 gold swan earrings and impressed Jack Colwell. (Yes!)

The music was all good.

Jack Colwell and the Owls were wonderful - especially loved the flute and the recorder. We were greatly inspired by the very very rock 'n roll tambourine playing. Lovely people!

Scissor Lock vs Cleptoclectics were great - they sat facing each other and battled it out with dramatic soundscapes. Also very lovely people.

Andrew Maxam's DJ-ing was just what you would expect from him - catchy, irresistable with just the right amount of darkness and light... and ukulele! I particularly liked his own track "Loose Swamp Riddim". This is a must-hear-before-you-go-deaf kind of experience.

Telafonica? We had a ball! Even though our performance involved straining into the foldback abyss to hear our own individual contributions, we were all nice and cosy on stage and playing together. We may not value perfection but we do cherish togetherness and it was a whole big mess of fun! We whipped out a newbie - Blake's song "There's Something About Your Face" which is very Blake delicious, of course, so very exciting to perform. I also really enjoyed Sister Zephyr. I get to play AJE's BeepIt which is a handheld theremin. I like playing instruments that ask very little of you and give so much in return.
People seemed to enjoy it which is a big encouragement. I think the best compliment came from one of the bar tenders who was clearing a table near to Ellie and I afterwards. She said she really enjoyed hearing something different. Usually the people who run these places are fairly detached so it was very humbling to have one of them notice and respond to what we do.

Karoshi were, as always, sparklingly beautiful. Whenever I listen to them I am overwhelmed by joy. And that marimba! The skill with which Yvonne (? sorry, is that correct?) played that thing was astounding. It was fantastic.

And Tone is a really, really nice venue. For musicians, it is easy to load in, has a great space "backstage" and the people who run it treat you like you're human (very generous with drink tickets too). For everyone, the room is lovely and nooksy, the bar an almost central part of the space and not a little barricade to the side. And the toilets were clean! Most most important when your band has a girl to boy ratio of 3 to 2.

A night of bliss.


some inspiration for you

I couldn't resist sharing some giggles.
This is how all good music should be listened to..


grants and other things

we didn't get the ozco grant to make the film for the next album. not exactly sure where that might leave things, we'll have to talk it over with sam and josiah and maybe go for something a little more lo-key. more soon.

a few days ago i asked miles if we could hire him in an official capacity to take some proper band photos. he was very keen, though hesitant at his skills (!) as he said he hasn't taken staged band photos before, only live ones. anyway, we'll do it in a few months, when the album might be getting closer to release, so we have a little while to think of any ideas. so if anyone has any ideas for band photos that don't involve any regular band photo clichés, especially ones that are trendy at the moment, that would be good. air them here and we can discuss them.