i heart gallery

emma, who organises deja, also helps run a great shop/gallery on king st (she's got our music in there) called i heart gallery. they've put a call out for people to be part of an outside market thing on the first sunday of next month. i thought it might be nice to do some more acoustic stuff. would anyone be interested in doing it? i don't have any more details than that at the moment, but will find out.


Eliza said...

So, I just saw this. My Telafonica emails are going astray. Are you still going to do this? 'Cause I'm definitely interested.

ajebec said...

i'd like to, but the first one will be this sunday, which might be a bit short notice to get a set together that we could do outdoors without much of a p.a. (i.e. an acoustic based set). what do you all think? i'll let emma know we are interested for future ones as well, though.