credits and lyrics

i think i may have finished the mixing for sleeping with the fishermen. i'll get copies out so that people can make any final observations for adjustments they'd like made. in the meantime, we also need to round up all the lyrics and any credits people would like included. sooo.....

can i get all the lyric writers to post the lyrics for their songs exactly as they should be written, so that i don't make any mistakes with them. and also, if there is any information that people would like included, post that as well. i know that, on the last album, we credited all the guest musicians, designer, printer etc etc, but forgot to include any reference to the names of the band members! so oversights like that would be more easily avoided if everyone thinks.

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Blake said...

(i think this is what i sung when we recorded)

your face

i just can't put my finger on it
but there's something about your face
i’m afraid for your face

my finger is getting real heavy these days
and i don't want to squash your little face with all the weight of my fell, coarse notions of beauty

can we leave it at that?

faces turn and jump and whirl and spin
yours straps me down and takes me down wherever it goes