electric dreams

this is the 4th song bec and i ended up picking for the one-hit wonders counterfeit on september 16. we decided to go for something a bit cheesy rather than something that's already cool (it was produced by georgio moroder and phil oakey had recently left the human league, so it's got a fairly good pedigree). the other three tracks we're doing are 'brimful of asha' by corenershop, 'lovefool' by the cardigans and '99 luft balons' (in german!) by nena.


Cherry said...

September 16? I'll be back in Sydney on holidays then! woohoo!

ps this video is hilarious

what the heck is going on?
I don't get it, I'm not playing anything
then where is it coming from?
beats me!


ajebec said...

will you be back in time to do any rehearsing?

Cherry said...

I should get back on the 9th or 10th and won't have anything on that week so theoretically yes but it depends how busy the rest of you are! Either way I'll come watch :)