adjustments and updates

i've been gradually trying to streamline the website and could do with some advice. i've always liked websites that are kind of sprawling and invite you to kind of explore your way around and stumble upon new things each time you visit etc etc. so the website as it is at the moment has lots of things all over. my queries are - does the fact that some things are repeated over (i.e. you can look at album releases via the tab at the top, or the pictures of covers down the side etc etc) actually seem a little pointless. i'm kind of torn, i like having them, but can understand there might be a difference between sprawling and confusing. should they all be streamlined down? or do people like the mess? i know my way around, because i've mostly built it. can everyone else who hasn't built it find their way around?

i've kind of gone out on a limb with the new album release. if you head over to our bandcamp page, you'll see the album is available for pre-order. i've included an option for a limited edition version which will come out once the whole project is over, in about april 2012. we'll see how it goes. anyway, plug the presales to anyone you think might be interested - facebook etc. i'm interested to see how it all goes using that rather than making it available and then have the sales trickle in. the address is http://telafonica.bandcamp.com/album/sleeping-with-the-fishermen

lastly, is anyone interested in doing november's counterfeit? it's on the 18th and the theme is 'girls and boys' - any songs with 'girl', 'girls', 'boy' or 'boys' in the story. let me know asap so i can register or not.

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