info needed for upcoming gigs

ok, so we have a bunch of gigs coming up that we need to get sorted as soon as possible.

1. counterfeit is on in 2 weeks' time (friday october 21). let me know who's in and who's not.

2. we have a gig at red rattler on friday, november 4. it's a regular, 40 minute telafonica set, as part of clan analogue's bandwidth. i'm not sure what time we're on yet, but i think it might be earlier in the piece (maybe 8:30/9ish). who's ok or not for that one?

3. most importantly, we have a large show getting prepared for blacktown arts centre on saturday, november 26. we'll be playing 2 45 minute sets. one will be us playing and the other will involve tanya voges and her dancing in some form. both sets will also involve multiple screen video stuff and maybe some painters etc, which is being organised by kiri at the arts centre. i'm thinking it might be nice to do one of the sets as us playing through the new album in its entirety. then the other would be the one with tanya, which would be a bit more abstract/improvised. i've been thinking it would be wonderful to really explore the improvisation side - maybe choose 2 or 3 tracks that we can stretch out with.

we need to organise some rehearsal as soon as possible - firstly so we can be properly ready for it, but also because tanya needs to meet with us, hear some stuff and start working out some ideas - so we can't leave this one until the last couple of weeks! so - when can everyone rehearse - the sooner we get started, the better. i'm free pretty much any evening.


Bec said...

OK. To start the discussion:
I will not be attending Counterfeit.
I will play the two November gigs. I am free every night except Wednesdays. As you know I freak out when I have to work the next day (lunches, uniforms etc) but am willing to tighten my belt so to speak to make an effort for the team!
Anyone else?

Blake said...


i won't play at counterfeit.

I'll play the november gigs.

i can't rehearse on tuesday nights. i'd prefer friday night rehearsals.

Cherry said...

well... I don't think I can play any of these :(
I get back on the 19th Nov (ish) so rehearsing properly for Blacktown would be a little bit impossible.
It sounds exciting though, with all the dancing/painting/video-ness.
Miss you guys!
p.s. what's the theme for counterfeit?

Eliza said...

Hello! Sorry for the late reply - I was away all weekened.

So, I think I'll give Conterfiet a miss. I'd have loved to, but it'd be after youth, and if no-one else is free - I say we tell Leyne it's a no-go this time around.

Red Rattler - super keen, I'll have to ask if I can the night off youth though. I'm 50/50 until further notice.

Also, Adrian - I won't be able to do the thing with Tanya on the 29th because our youth camp is on that weekend. Have fun with the ukulele!

Blacktown Arts - YEAH! I'm very excited. Nights for practising - I can do just about anything except Fridays. Sorry Bec! I'm happy to start rehearsals ASAP.

Eliza said...

Oh wait, that was Blake that wanted Fridays, not Bec - sorry Blake! You are not Rebecca.

Blake said...

how about mondays?

how many rehearsals should we arrange?

Eliza said...

Mondays are good for me.

Twenty rehearsals.

ajebec said...

next monday it is.

we need a few.

Bec said...

Monday sounds ok and if we meet more we can have shorter practices, yes?
And I vote Cherry to jump on in when she gets here. Let's face it, we need her abstract sax like a desert needs rain, a needle needs a vein, like someone to blame. (You youngsters may need to google that reference.) :)

Eliza said...

Nice U2 reference, Bec! Sneaky. I agree wholeheartedly - Cherry, we need you! You can Telafoni-skype at practices.

So, next Monday? Lock it in, Eddie?