jjj unearthed soundbyte thing

we got a group e-mail from jjj unearthed today -


Oh hey!

As you already know, your tunes are getting love on triple j Unearthed.

Well, now we want your voice on the digital airwaves as well!

All you have to do is record yourself, (or your whole band), at home and upload the audio

Then, like magic, your intros and greetings will play out on triple j Unearthed radio and online before we spin your playlisted track!


Things to keep in mind:

* Tell people who you are, what band you're in (if you're in one) and where you're from!

* Win the listeners over! (there's lots of them, and you could be their new best thing ever.)

* It doesn't matter how shitty your microphone is, we can fix it at this end.

* Have Fun, Be weird! Sound excited! Say whatever you like about your band!

* Tell people what the song is about, why you wrote it... basically any interesting fact.

eg: "Hey! it's Dominic from the Fighting League, we're tropical street punks from Canberra! And this track "Foursquare" is about bein' man enough to protect your chick, if you're not man enough then you just better talk tough..." (actual real life example!)

______________________________ ________________________________

Hit me back with any questions you may have and most of all: give it a go!


any ideas? any free time?


Blake said...

i think someone should yell something into that toy microphone/speaker you have, adrian.

Eliza said...

Are we still doing this?

ajebec said...

yes, it would be good.

bec suggested that we have dinner together one night and do something as we're around the table. palm recorder, blake?

we'd need to do it reasonably soon. before they stop playing our music!

Eliza said...

Good idea, Bec. Pick a night! I can be free anytime for you lovely people.

ajebec said...

how's friday (tomorrow) night? i think blake's already invited himself over for dinner anyway, so we might as well make a night of it.