old review

i found this old review via the gate today. it's about the first show we did at the gate in may 2010 - it's quite amusing...

First up on the bill last night was Telafonica. They style their music as “traditional (&non) song structures utilising live instruments, soundmachines and computers” while asserting that “the pop song lyric book is never far from hand“. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the stuff they played. To me it appeared to be an attempt to get as many unusual instruments and sounds as they could and mash them together into something that wasn’t particularly musical. Throw in some seemingly nonsensical or meaningful lyrics and there was the performance. The only real satisfaction I took from them was the pre-produced beats they had which were pretty jazzy and almost funky.

- Samuel Law
(the full review of the show is here)

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Bec said...

Wow! Ouch!

He doesn't seem to be able to decide whether the lyrics were nonsensical or meaningful. There's a lot of meaning in Telafonica nonsense!

Oh well.