The Chicken or the Egg

I like the idea of something organic to happen in place of the site as we develop the new version. I might try and start on it tomorrow in the spirit of the anzacs. Something playful and direct which I’ll try to tie into the process of developing ideas for album / ep names and artwork etc. T’would be nice to move into a space of seeing and doing with all this stuff, rather than just blogging about it till eternity!

I haven’t read this article yet but both cell and I felt thoroughly inspired by the images of this studio space. It’s always been my dream to create such a studio – both functional and beautiful. I like this guys work too!

band of the day

I’m not sure about the actual song of GEM at this stage. I think it might need some re-thinking. I don’t think it needs to be re-done… just the vocal structure and melody aren’t quite there. In terms of what you’ve done with the production, I’m really loving it. Really loving the rattling bass line and fluttering synth sounds that develop. I like the static – but having it at the start and end of the song at the moment sounds a bit of an after thought.

Thursday night is good for me.

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