hmmm - i'm beginning to see the idea a bit better. yes - individual little sites that are things in and of themselves, not records of other things. that's exactly how i feel about packaging, which we've discussed lots in the past. this idea fits in very well with that. my only initial concern might be the cost of owning a bunch of different domains... would you be interested in making an initial site focused on one particular thing to get it going? for now we could put that up as the 'telafonica' site, until more are developed. an idea to promote a forthcoming release, or even just an art thing that doesn't specifically relate to telafonica music at the moment? just to get the ideas started.

i hadn't imagined that the e.p. would need a title, i kind of just assumed that it would be the title of the lead track - the 'single'. but i'm not opposed to the idea of a separate title.


i sometimes forget to look at comments, but have got all of them eventually so far.


scot (victor x-ray) likes the remix a lot and intends to use it (whether it actually ever gets pressed onto vinyl will probably depend on how the first release, due out about now, fares). lcd soundsystem is truly great, and he's even older than me!


just found out today via an m.r.i. scan that the knee that collapsed under me in a trial game a few weeks ago actually completely ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament and will need a reconstruction to ever function again. same operation as i had on the other knee 4 years ago. it's a 6 month recovery period as a new ligament made out of a piece of hamstring has to fully grow back into place etc. my season finished before the comp even started. so i'll have a bit more time to focus on telafonica stuff. :(

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