extended comments

Firstly, there's no such thing as too long a post.

In regards to the packaging I feel a bit different in that i'm probably more worried about how we are going to approach the production than i am about the design or content. Though i do like it - i'm not totally sold on the recent folding technique - it just feels to fragile when i do open it. I'd also really like if we can to create something that has some real weight to it. As you know - i love hand made things where the hand made-ness is not the apparent driving factor in the design. Of course it is a core part - but not the a reason to be in itself.

I think the idea of a more expansive approach - perhaps something that tells a bit more of a story. i don't mean too literally of course! Printing out the lyrics in full seems like a good idea - perhaps with some kind of accompanying graphic essay.

I'm glad you like my recent photos - i have laid out a selection as a large print - i'll show it to you. I think in some sense they are my take on a huge wave of visual production at the moment that is obsessed with 'tactile' elements. I think a lot of people who have grown up in the digital age are finding a lot of inspiration in applying what they've learned to do with a computer in a more hands on way.

I enjoyed your underworld review. I have also been enjoying the album a lot. It's funny because i think i would find it hard to review with much objectivity... i thought you did very well.

Also - and i'm sure this will make you laugh... having long since rejected the intermediate version - i've been pondering a new telafonica website...

more soon


ajebec said...

what are your thoughts on the book idea then?

i was actually worried that the underworld review was a bit too transparently written by an underworld obsessive! i'm glad it presents as reasonably objective - i had to work very hard at it.

david said...

i'm totally into the book idea in theory - how would we bind it?

ajebec said...

even just stapled, like a regular cd booklet, would be good, i think. the key then is just to make sure we have a more solid front and back. i really like the nick butcher cd/book which i loaned you a while back, but think the outside is just a touch flimsy compared to what i would like, particularly in light of your comments about wanting an album to be a bit more solid, which i agree with. but a booklet like that with a thicker grade paper/board for the front and back. whether we then attach the cd via a button, or design the cover to work as a sleeve, like nick butcher's, is something else to decide.

david said...

i like the idea of a little foam dot - or button because it's quite practical and very easy to do. As long as it's attached to some heavy board or something. Do you have sourcing potential for that kind of stuff?