hiding the blemishes

i should be able to get board without too much trouble. the dots may be a slightly different issue - i tried to get some a couple of months ago and in the end resorted to buying a mouse pad from officeworks and cutting them out by hand. but i wouldn't really want to do that again. my old source for them has disappeared so i need to find somewhere new.

should we now agree on a booklet format as the basis, with a hard board cover? does that then give us specific enough a focus to get content started? lastly, on the actual pages, feel free to think of pages in different sizes as well - e.g. some might fold out to 1.5 or 2 times regular size, some may be in the booklet but smaller than the regualr size etc.

any time to rehearse this week? i thought i might post a set list to get things started and you can set it (or what we end up deciding on) up. so:

blending the edges
requited love
this is the new thing
the sun sets on the age of the instrumentalist (being a ferally released track, people might actually know that one too!)
smells like rain
send away
tape noise

is heartland still relevant anymore?!!

i thought the set suggested kind of builds, peaks, then eases of - a consideration of us being the last band on. so push and pull that around until there's something we're all happy with.

any progress on gem?

lastly, i've been thinking about the presentation of our performance. i think an evenly lit stage just doesn't have the kind of atmosphere i would like. we shall have carlos painting, but i was thinking of asking him how it might go for him with a little less light on stage. i think what i most like is a series of still(ish) organic (i.e. not c.g.) images which are relatively abstract but give the stage an ambience. i'd also like them to completely cover the stage (and even the roof etc) to create a mood in the room rather than to illuminate us in a small section. the original scratched slides we've had for years are probably still closest to what i would like at this stage, but i think they are unusable at the moment due to a dead slide projector. but, i also think your photos could be perfect for this (you can't imagine how happy i am that you took these kinds of photos!). how many do you actually have? i don't like images to have to repeat, so there'd need to be a significant number - but they can be manipulated as well (as long as they remain fundamentally organic) to get more. these could just be set up as a slide show type thing and projected with a data projector. i think it is actually vital to our presentation because we're not naturally charismatic performers, so we do actually need to get it right. what are your thoughts?

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