keeping house

Yep - book is good... As long as we can work out a really solid way and practical way to construct it. In terms of content - other than the whole psychedelia conversation - have you got specific thoughts about aesthetic? Did you want to both throw things in the melting pot or will I just get started and put something together for you to critique / add to in sketch form?

Set list looks good as a start. Cell and I talked about doing dust – as an old favourite. My main flag on this list is obviously smells like rain – just because of the vocal.

I have about 180 of those photos and could very easily take a bunch more. I agree with all your thoughts about creating a stronger aesthetic. I must admit having carlos and the photos seems like a lot. My main concern there would be that it might all look a bit like a jumble sale... It’s really hard to plan a strong stage layout beforehand though.

I have not had the time to look at getting ableton on to the new laptop – given the time left – I’m thinking about just sticking with the current set up. That’s assuming we will have noise removing DIs...

Did you get a chance to print up any flyers?

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