it never rains

a whole bunch of different things to report on have landed all at once.

firstly, electrolyt has released their new netlabel compilation which we submitted 'hearing but never understanding' for. i haven't had a chance to download the whole thing yet (our computer at home is completely stuffed at the moment) but the list of artists looks good - a mix of andreas' various projects, a bunch of the mexican abolipop folk and a few other things i haven't heard of before.

secondly, i decided i'd start contacting artists about performing with telafonica at future gigs. there's been quite a positive response so far from the handful i've contacted. they range from painters to performance and video artists. some of the ones who have shown an interest so far are:

butt[::]ns -

i've actually since found out that she spent a year and a half touring with the red paintings and painting on stage for them.

penny jane spankie -
can be fairly confronting at times, but always with purpose and done quite well - i really like this film in particular. i can't get the video to embed in this post so it's up as a separate post below. she also runs a small gallery in darlinghurst which i've been meaning to check out for months.

there's also one of my students from this year's y12 who is good and very keen.

lastly, i've been working on the music a bit - i've decided to take 'smells like rain' back and i've kept the song with it, but i've worked on it, added extra instruments and i quite like it now. i'd also really like the singing in it to be along the lines of 'this is the new thing' with unison/harmony all the way through. i've been playing around with track listing following our discussions last time i was over - i've moved 'laughing at trees' right off the album for the moment and also shifted 'the sun sets on the age of the instrumentalist' to nearer the end. you're definitely right in that pulling them out of the beginning bit helps it all to flow much better - it feels like you are into the album much earlier, rather than waiting for all the introductory kinds of tracks to set you up for so long. i'll bring a disk along tonight, but i've currently got it as:

tape noise
this is the new thing
requited love
blending the edges
send away
item number
the sun sets on the age of the instrumentalist
smells like rain
listening in for static

it runs at about 45 minutes, i think.

i'll see you tonight, probably at around 7:30ish or a little bit later.

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