Notes on a scandal

tape noise:
maybe add some kind of high-ish freequency sound. something crisp and clean - to contrast the muddier sounds.

This is the new thing:
vocals - too dry? too loud? but maybe that's the whole point of it?!!

Cell to sing.

requited love:
mix a little muddy?
vocals. re-record... and experiment with effects

Blending the edges:
re-record aje vocal

send away:
this song is structurally unsound.

let's try bringing the kick in right at the start... so it has more imapct.
i like the underworld vibe - it makes more sense to me that way... maybe we could include even more echoing percusive sounds... creating a dense texture.

Item number:
good as is...

The sun sets:
loops to aje
possibly swap for populus

Smells like rain:
record vocals
cell to try vocals

Listening in for static:
vocals, vocals, vocals.

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