i'm glad it was those images that made you think of me

...because they are really very good. any idea how you might like to start incorporating them into the book(let)? i've been toying with the idea with a slightly more exyensive use of rubber stamps for this one as well. and screen printing as well, but am happy to have those ideas subsumed by the aesthetic rather than force them in. however, i do really wish to keep some sort of handmadeness in the actual image making.

the gig on jan 6 has officially been postponed due to issues with the venue among other things. at this stage it looks like being rescheduled for march. so that actually gives us a realistic deadline, too.

when shall you be back from you journeying? we are pretty much around anytime except the week of the 12th-19th.

as to the image formatting issues on blogger - what other options are there? i don't mind what you've done, linking to a higher res external thing.

i think there's enough happening on this blog and the myspace site, and i plan to overhaul the virb site very soon to make it into an information site, so that the official telafonica site is becoming a little redundant. make it into an artwork for yourself. don't deliberate so much, just get this kind of stuff there. i think i would like that a lot.

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