thinking of thinking of you

i had much trouble sleeping last night - i often have nights where thought processes take over sleep processes and the sleep just has to find a bit of room anywhere it can. anyway, one of the things that kept me awake was a possible idea of how to present the images you've been producing in the packaging. so here is a suggestion - feel free to get excited or flame as appropriate....

we print the images on transparency as either a booklet or, more possibly, a set of cards. the images as they currently stand are great. i don't know if there's more to come, but if there is, that's also fine. we then either add all the written info we require around/over some of the images, or make separate cards, again on transparency, with that info. we then house these in a box with the cd on a button under the lid. i'm imagining a box about the size of a regular cd case. on the outside of the box is something graphic, screenprinted, based on something of the forms on the imagery inside, but as one or two colours - graphicised (if such a work exists). it would also include the title and band name on here, and possibly tracklisting on the back, though somewhere easily accessible on the inside would also be an option (perhaps in the space under where the cd sits so it's only visible when the cd is removed).

i'm imaging a box made from solid card, possibly even with strips of ply for the sides, then covered in the screenprinted paper/material.


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