all work and no play

dave, could you possibly find the account details for ableton live - i'm happy to go online and look up the stuff we need and ask them about transferring the license from the old laptop to the new etc etc, but i can't get in without the account details. i think that's about the only thing that needs to get done at this stage.

i've worked on gem a little bit more (any suggestions for a new name?). i'm thinking i'd like to really do something that's a more jarring resolution at the end, possibly cut to some very distorted (but not necessarily loud) drum loop right at the point the singing finishes. i also think i'd like to have more variety in the processing of the voice, so it's not just one fx setting for the entire song, but that different lines have different distances and sounds etc. i've also done some minor things like bring down the volume of the ride cymbal, louden some of the guitar atmosphere at the beginning etc. i think it's getting somewhere, but is probably too early to quite tell yet.

any more thoughts on an altered track listing?

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