no work, no play, no nothin'

Over the last few months leading up to our trip we've been remarking 'oh, the time is going to fly' - but no amount of saying that prepares you for just how fast it goes. with a day and a half left in our house and just a few more in the country we're in battle mode. With visa problems thrown in the midst with packing and trying to see family, it's a maelstrom of perpetual destruction etc. I'm lacking sleep and any kind of head space to think much beyond basic must dos.

I will try to find the ableton serial - but i think the best chance will be on the PC laptop which i think may be on its way to your place this afternoon... will you be home??

I like the sound of what your saying with GEM - whilst i like the music - I think the song itself does not work well enough to exist just simply. My feeling is that we need to develop other points of interest to make it work.

I wont have time to listen through the album properly till the flight so no more comments yet. I hope that i'll be able to gain some new insight once away from the whirlwind of recent life and post some helpful thoughts from the road. Apart from that the future, from this point is a mystery.

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ajebec said...

i'll be home from about 4. bec will be home from about 3:30. we'll be in for the rest of the afternoon/evening, except for bec who will be at ballet from about 6:30-8.