everything happening and not happening all at once

The artwork is looking really good. Hand made digi sounds great to me. I think the logos are too big. Like the rounded corners. I bought the recent Squarepusher album the other day and it has a lovely case which is a molded cardboard cd holder which I find a very nice alternative to plastic. I think for our budget a disk dot will be just fine! Another approach to the inner booklet would be a fold out poster. The circles could look really good that way.

Have been listening through the album a bit though mainly while working so I don't feel like I've been able to give it as much attention as I'd like... how unusual!

I'm really not sure about GEM and my preference would be to hold back on anything that we're not totally happy with... I hate listening to recordings and feeling like it's not what we wanted it to be. Another thought that I had was that it could work well to move requited love to a later position... It just has a later on kind of tone to me I think - once a listener is quite settled in.

have you thought much more about playing live to support the release of the CD?

PS - interesting reading the two sufjan reviews - I actually thought that the top one was yours until I got to the name at the bottom.

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