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so we went to reverse garbage on wednesday, and i bought a huge pile of white card. i've been playing around making a few different cd case type things with it to see what i like, but the basic principle is that it's kind of like a digipak, but without the plastic tray - just a button instead, and on the opposite side something in which to slip a booklet/zine type thing. with that in mind, i figured i'd have a go with a suggestion for a front, bearing in mind that i'd like to have a degree of actuall-ness about it - i.e., the cream and blue would be silkscreened by hand and the red printed via printer. so obviously, that limits the colour pallette etc. i played with some ideas that kind of link back to the punches or the lies, but also move forward linking with the new images you've worked on, which i imagine will make up the basis for the booklet/zine. i'm most happy for you to dismiss this outright, but felt inspired to begin something, so thought i just would. thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Good old reverse garbage, haven for cottage producers everywhere.

Andy R