old shows and new

just for my own memory's sake (for filling out apra documentation later) - the set list from saturday week ago...

one and one
for the manifesto dub
blending the edges
send away
this is the new thing
smells like rain
your hands

another gig to add to the calender - this will be the first post steve. it's on friday, august 22 and happens at a night called mum which happens at the world bar, kings cross (http://www.myspace.com/loveyourmum).

what to do without steve is an interesting conundrum. i think i've run out of friends with a vaguely similar interest in music who would also be happy to twiddle knobs on electronic instruments. if anyone has any ideas, speak up! i've considered the possibility of not replacing steve at all and to spread some of the load around the rest - for example, perhaps bec could control the changes to the fx units which i currently look after, freeing me to do computer stuff. if that was then cut back a bit from what steve is doing, then that might be managable. but i'm not convinced yet.

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