so we've come across a problem. i've spoken to the booker at the excelsior, and there isn't actually anyway around the licensing laws that the venue comes under - under 18s just aren't allowed in after 8pm, regardless of what guardian etc might be with them. so we are going to have to wing it without you, blake.

that also puts a significant hole in plans for the new track - think you can learn it, steve? we definitely need guitar in manifesto dub, and nothing ventured. the others we can work around in one way or other - whether steve plays something or we use the pre-recorded bits sequenced in (eg one and one, send away). i guess we'll have to play around with it at rehearsal.

the proposed set list is:

one and one
send away
for the manifesto dub
blending the edges
this is the new thing
smells like rain
your hands
nothing ventured

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