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i got a copy of this is the new thing that we did on departure lounge from trevor - i'm trying to work out where i can post it (hopefully on here somewhere). doesn't sound too bad at all (though the male singer is too loud!).

i have pretty much got a close to final mix of everything for the new album. having listened back to them over the weekend, there's still a few things i'd like to fine tune, but it's pretty close. i'll post them all up on archive.org in the next couple of days. cell and david, can you listen through with a fine tooth comb. and we still need to work out a track order. i've played around with sitting blending the edges right up as the second track, and it seems to work ok. it gives it a lot more energy. my only reservation might be that it a bit much having an 8 minute, mostly instrumental minimalist track starting the album, but i think it might work. if this is the new thing comes right after it (with the rain sounds as well) it actually makes a lot more lyrical sense to the flow of things.

we've had a bit of airplay over the last few days on fbi and 2ser promoing the gig - peter hollo actually gave it gig of the week status on his show and played our track and ampersand's. bec and i are still bargaining with the children as to whether bec will be there or not, but at this stage, we're hopeful she will be.

i've been thinking of resurrecting an old idea which is to make a kind of regullar telafonica mixtape type thing to put up online. the idea would be that each of us makes our own thing featuring music we like. it could be dj-ed (live-d) or just presented as a bunch of songs. there's 7 of us at the moment, and i'm sure there's other associated types who we could get to do it as well, so if we put one up a month, or every few weeks, it wouldn't need to be too much work. would anyone be interested in doing it?

rehearsal at our place tomorrow (tuesday) at about 7:30ish? blake, can we borrow the giga-delay?

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Peter Hollo said...

Yay! The new track on that promo CD is really great!
Unfortunately Angela & I are unlikely to make it to the gig ourselves - just run off our feet with stuff to do. But we'll see, not a fait accompli yet.

Yes, I found this page via one of my Google Alerts :)