the final waltz

i've reuploaded all the mixes for the album to archive.org. i'll e-mail the address to everyone. have a download/listen and make sure everything is ok. i've brought the vocals down where appropriate etc and generally cleared up most of any muddiness. i'm pretty happy with them.

we need a track listing so i'm happy to hear suggestions. and, if you think the music is done david, the artwork. i'm still not certain of the format, inspite of all our previous discussions we never settled on anything and i'm not really sure what i think we should have. i don't want to have anything too labour intensive, but i do want an element of the hand-made. i still like the zine idea and am happy to print everything up - b/w on coloured and white paper possibly - and collate/staple etc. what do you think at the moment?


ajebec said...

i'm not totally sure of the wisdom of making 500 cds in this day and age, but i'm thinking something like this may be a good way to go - http://www.dualplover.com/localDPSP.html
a cardborad wallet (and you'll notice the format is up and down rather than sideways as is traditional). if we got 500 made up, i think maybe 100 could be sent out as promos without much problem at all! then the rest we try and sell, and those would include a booklet/zine, which we make up ourselves.

david said...

not sure about the angled slip on these... what about a digital only release? Oops did I say that out loud?!

ajebec said...

i see what you're up to. you're just trying to avoid doing any artwork. :)

the sheer numbers worry me, from a realistic perspective.

david said...

he he. knew you'd say that. But yes - the last thing you want is a bunch of discs lying around. It's depressing. I think do less and do it well.