book of jam

i've been wandering around the new tomato site, in awe, of course. one of the links is back to the underworldlive.com website. i joined it a few years ago to download those download only releases but haven't had a look around in quite a while. one of the newer features is the book of jam series - a set of downloadable pdf magazines. if you're not already subscribed, i recommend doing so just for these. i think the idea is wonderful and i think we should do it. david, you talked about having art energy flying around but 97% never getting out. i think mostly it's because you're a perfectionist in this area and won't let anything out unless it's perfectly formed. that is, when it will be recognised as your own work, not client work. what if you had a go at just putting something together that, because it's not a definitive thing (album artwork etc) could possibly come out a little less preciously? we've talked about making a zine, lets do a pdf zine. there's you bunch in england, there's us here who mostly do art of some sort. we could give ourselves a theme and a deadline and just do it. a short deadline, like a week or 2, so it doesn't get away, and whatever we have ready goes in. i guess i'm asking you to drop the quality control levels, dave, but i think the benefits would be extensive. we'd do it in a series, so every so often we put a new one together, under the same title each time, just a regular publication to try things out - and hopefully even get feedback - i'm sure someone would be interested in downloading it.

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