zine theme no.1

don't desert me once again.

yeah, it's possibly slightly in-jokey, but i think it's broad and evocative enough to work as a starting point. and it's original meaning in this is the new thing had no humourous implications.

so, a two week turnaround for submitting work?


david said...

IN are the best type of jokes.

any other restrictions or is it completely free? Have you thought about the format/layout/design of the zine?

ajebec said...

not specifically. i'm a fan of the square as opposed to the rectangle in whatever form. would it be silly to say let's make it the format of a cd booklet? that would keep the size down, but i'm happy to have it bigger in the interests of giving the work a larger space to make it clearer.

phil... actually no it's david said...

you're just obsessed with CD booklets. Let's make it a different size. Square... but like 190mm instead of 120...

ajebec said...

full colour.
no. of pages to be determined.
theme: don't desert me once again.
open to any and all telafonica members and associates.
curated by david and adrian.

Blake said...

is the in joke really funny?

if so. i would not mind being in.

ajebec said...

in jokes are never actually funny. they're like art jokes.