nothing ventured / an invitation

in light nothing ventured being playlisted (and that we don't have our album/mini album hing ready yet, cough cough), i thought it might be worth fast tracking the idea to get a lathe-cut 7" together. there's a guy in new zealand named peter king who does them for all the d.i.y. folk (chris of alps fame directed me towards him). he's fully old school so doesn't even have e-mail, but some guy in america has set up a website for him (http://home.comcast.net/~cassetto/kingrates.html). because of the very strong exchange rate, it's relatively cheap and tiny runs can be done. i'm thinking that 60 7"s might be the way to go, making it so that we need to sell about half of them to cover the costs.

so i spent today finishing the mixing of both nothing ventured and an invitation. i'll send some promo cds to radio this week and get onto getting the records cut. i think the main question, blake, is an invitation going to be credited as telafonica or as lessons in time? i don't mind too much either way, though it is firmly entrenched into the telafonica consciousness these days. :)

i'm planning to screenprint the cmyk clown prints for the sleeves. if we can get it all together we can use the gig on september 24 as a launch for it.


Blake said...

an invitation: is there some way we can give credits to both 'lessons in time' and 'telafonica'?

either that or just telafonica.
because i agree with you.... the song is firmly entrenched in the name of telafonica... what with the live version and now the recorded version.

ill just have to remake the song for lessons in time somewhere down the track. ;)

Blake said...

and we still don't know if i will be able to play at that gig on the 25th do we? hmmmm.

we will put mascara in my stringy beard.

ajebec said...

well, sue the booker for the excelsior, is aware of the situation and has said that they'll try and have something worked out by then. in the meantime, we did all they asked of us on thursday and were nice and responsible, so hopefully that will count for something.