the wonderful world of world wide web

is anyone else having trouble getting to the blog? i can't get to it via www.kindpermission.com/telafonica, or via www. telafonica.com. i only seem to be able to get in via blogger.com, in which case all our own formatting (the picture of david etc) is gone. blogger.com itself was down for maintenance yesterday - is that the problem? also, i noticed that the kindpermission.com site has had an update - has something happened with things at that end that's disrupting normal proceedings?


david said...

umm, you know what. I cleared the stuff off kindpermission.com without even thinking about it. So that explains what has happened there. Sorry. To set up telafonica.com all you need to do is make your index page a frameset with the blogger page as the source. I think you can move the files so they're actually hosted on your own server - but there's no real point.

ajebec said...

ok...talk me through it here - how do i set up a frameset??!!! you don't have the code for what used to be there do you?

ajebec said...

i think i've worked out how to set up a frame set. do you have the image and can you send it to me? or do you have a new image you'd like to use (and can you send it to me!)?