another name

this is a remix of 'japan bell disco' created by luminarsi, otherwise known as andrew maxam, and all round great guy. we'll be playing with him next sunday at the excelsior. he can also be heard on fbi radio every week at 10pm. he told me he'd been working on a remix of this a few months back. he asked me if i had any of the master tracks which, i assume, don't actually exist anymore since it was all done on the playstation. so he just took bits from the final,mastered track from the solid gold ii compilation. he deliberately gave it a brand new name as i told him about the history of misnomers given to the track on that cd (it is listed on that cd as 'paris bell' on the back and 'japan bell' on the inside, both of which, of course, are incorrect. so he made up yet another variation and went with it!

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