Wreckovery at the Excelsior, Sunday November 16

Every gig this year has been a completely different (but always marvellous) adventure for Telafonica. Eliza was not there, which is a minus, especially for female conversation, and Blake was barely there, coming straight in after a week of schoolies. However, we must have played well because we impressed Ant and he doesn't drink. Enrique and Aaron very generously came to paint on stage and were very gracious about being squished to one side. Besides some nice red line paintings of the band, they also participated in the set's sonic crescendo by both painting and strumming Blake's guitar with their brushes.
As usual, our performance was only part of the pleasure. Musically: we were very pleased to be acquainted with the live performance of Luminarsi; we were thrilled as always to bask in the sonic beauty of Seekae; we were compelled to move and completely dazzled by Lunar Module. Socially: it was really lovely to get to know Andrew of Luminarsi; we had great conversation with Andy Rantzen (are now inspired to play music for free in a garden somewhere) and Michael MD; it was also fun to chat to Ant of Lunar Module - the mastermind of the whole afternoon; last but not least, we got to meet some of the wonderful audience members while we were on the door (always a great introduction - much better than the blinding light curtain of performance). Culinarily: had an absolutely fabulous serve of beer battered fish (very light and crispy) and chips with a homemade tartare sauce that I'm still thinking about!
All round, a very satisfying Sunday afternoon!

P.S. Must mention, Blake's Mum Michelle came along and finally got to see Blake's magic at work. Great to finally have someone to put on the door! Yay!

Set List

1. But I Lose Myself
2. Smells Like Rain
3. Blending the Edges
4. This is the New Thing
5. Your Hands
6. Manifesto


Blake said...

such a fun gig.

Anonymous said...

It was good, but nothing like playing in a garden - or, better yet, in a fish tank. Andy R.