the mixtape.

a few years back, david and i were thinking about what directions we might go musically. one of the things we did, which i really liked, was to make each other a compilation cd of the types of things each of us were thinking at the time. in the end, i'm not sure how useful it ended up being as we didn't do anything specifically straight after that, but i thought it was a great idea and i still listen to the cd david gave me.

if we are thinking of spending a block of time working on music in the summer holidays, i've been thinking that it might be nice to do a similar thing beforehand. so might i suggest to rebecca, eliza and blake that we each make a 30 minute compilation of music to give to each other in the next couple of weeks? i guess the idea is to make it of sounds that you think might be useful to blend into telafonica. so it might be just a bunch of stuff you like at the moment, but not necessarily so. it would obviously need to be within the reach of telafonica's sound, but telafonica's sound is very open to being pushed around. there might be things that are more to do with song structure than actual sound, or lyrical content etc etc. i figure between 4 30minute discs there would be an array of stuff, and possibly some suggestions of interesting combinations of sounds as well. that then would hopefully give us all an idea of the headspace we are entering in with.