peats ridge times

i've just received details from the peats ridge festival organisers, and we will be doing a 45 minute set at 6pm on wednesday, december 31.


Blake said...

darn! the day after pivot.

ajebec said...

how do you know? is there a schedule somewhere?

Blake said...

i looked on pivot's myspace page. it said the 30th-at 7.
we're on at 6. that's a good time right?

ajebec said...

oh ok. i reckon they've probably just put that there as an indication because you can only put one date on it. i did the same thing - just picked one of the dates and left it at that.

i can't actually imagine that pivot would be playing at 7pm - they're one of the headline bands and would have to be playing at a later time than that.

6 should be fine. it's not peak time, but there should be someone around to watch.