art and practice

i've been speaking with our various painters/artists over the last few days.

mele-katalina is away and won't be able to do the 6th of december. however, i have asked her to maybe take some photos of us some time, so if anyone has any ideas for band photos...

johan will be painting for us again, which i'm very excited about.

samantha will also be there to do something, but she suggested that rather than use a canvas, she did something on one of us. after discussing ideas coming from that, she's settled on the idea of, over the course of our set, painting onto each of our faces. that will mean that while each of us doesn't have their face pressed up against a micrphone, she'll flit between us and art us. after a suggestion from bec that it would be good to make sure it was going to work, sam is going to come to one of our rehearsals and practise it as we practise.

which also means we need to find some rehearsal time. between lessons in time, eliza magill and telafonica, rehearsal time is sitting at a premium. keep friday the 5th free - we'll have dinner and demolish a gingerbread house then rehearse - but sam can't do friday nights, so we'd need another time as well. we're free sunday, monday night, and wednesday night. another option may be that, seeing as it's uni break time, we could do an afternoon rehearsal, say from 4ish, which might free up some more time for others.

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Blake said...

afternoons are good. except for this friday and next thursday.