the thickness of white

how bizarre that you should post that plato quote, blake. i finished this off yesterday which is something i started on a couple of weeks ago. well, it's not necessarily finished, but it's presentable. i finally caught up with ricardo villalobos and luciano about 5 years after the rest of the (minimal techno) world, so they've been a fairly obvious inspiration here. the main idea is that, when not much happens, everything that does happen takes on much greater weight. you notice tiny shifts in sound which you wouldn't notice if everything was constantly changing as it does in the average 'song' song. so here it is (hopefully the full version will be accessable in the next few hours - until then it's only a 30 second preview, which pretty much defeats the point entirely).

the bass, which is the only melodic/harmonic element, is quite subliminal - you won't hear it on computer speakers, but it's mixed to sit well through a decent system.

oh, and the title is a reference to a series of rauschenberg paintings of the 1950s which were explorations of all white.

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