cover and cinnamon sugar

another couple of tracks that have been worked on a fair bit over the last week. the first is cover. let me know if there are any small details that need fixing. blake - both bec and i decided that the cornets sounded good in the last vocal section and gave it a climactic feel. we removed all the glockenspiel parts from that section which freed up the space and made it not so congested. eliza's high harmony only appears in that section as well, and the recording of it is all glitched up due to latency issues. however, i've used it anyway as it adds some interesting textural qualities, especially with the nice choppy delay that is also used on other instruments, and it still provides the same actual harmonic notes. but have a listen for it to see what you all think.

the second now has a working title of cinnamon sugar (ask eliza) though may well have a real title of its own - i just don't know what it is and didn't want to presume. (does it have a real title, eliza?) this is the piece that blake started on boxing day. the piano part is very nice, but the actual timbre of the piano had too much in common with the timbre of the synth bit. they both had the effect of making each other a messy blur. so i processed the piano quite heavily to give it its own sonic space. i let it come through as a clean piano in some sections where there's no synth. i've also edited down the structure of the track so it doesn't meander quite as aimlessly as it once did (before it had a song. again, all feedback from any quarter desired.

i've also updated the dj foundation mix post down here to include the actual telafonica remix in its entirety (and at a bit better bitrate) if anyone would like to hear it.


Blake said...

nice melody ellie.
not soooo sure about that bitcrushed piano sound... maybe a glockenspiel??
or a guitar?!! (seriously)

Eliza said...
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Eliza said...

Why thankyou, Blake.

I like the piano sound in Cinnamon - I agree, it needed a change of timbre. Or sonic space - whatever that is, it sounds very nice.

I'm not too sure how I feel about the incredibly bass-y synth bits in the quiet parts or the thunderstorm-y sounds in the second verse bit. But I suspect that's just my narrow taste in strange synth sounds.

Cnnamon Sugar will do for now until I can think of a good name. Strangely enough, this one didn't have a working title.

Cover is absolutely beautiful. I think the latency thingamy at the end doesn't sound like a problem - it sounds like an interesting build-up or arrival-point in the song. Good use of the harmonies. This one's going to be so much fun to do live.

ajebec said...

i've had another few passes at cinnamon sugar. all suggestions noted and actually acted upon, surprisingly. the piano still has some bitcrushing, but not as much. it needed an element or sparkling sound to separate it out from the synth, and the bitcrushing was the only thing that did this effectively (i tried dozens of different effects to try to get it). in order to reduce the amount of bitcrushing, so it sounded more like a piano, yet still separate from the synth, i e.q.ed much more harshly in different places, and actually made it much more natural in others.

i've muted the storms in places where there's vocals by reducing the volume and adding delays to make it more of an atmosphere than sharp hits. i've also given it a more specific stereo spread in order to give it space away from the vocals.

i've also processed the percussion a bit more - the kick has had a slight tightening of length and also the volume has been reduced through the whole song, and i've also processed the snare quite a bit. i like it much more.

i'll imeem it soon and let you all hear.