the recording process

the last couple of months have been pretty prolific in terms of writing and recording new things. here's a couple of photos. one is of eliza doing some vocalising - some the finishing touches for slightly older things and some brand new material. the other photo is of my cousin vanessa, who was visiting from spain for a month over christmas/new year. i got her over one night and recorded a whole bunch of castanet playing - she's been playing since she was 4 and is quite expert. a couple of tracks had things recorded specifically for them, and then i just recorded her playing a whole bunch of things which i plan to cut and paste into future work.

as you can see, the recordings were done in airconditioned comfort - one of the joys of a laptop and small-ish mixer.

i'll post some of the newer demos as i upload them to imeem over the next few days. any feedback from anywhere will be welcome.

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