the one that got away

after to-ing and fro-ing with darren the booker for candy's apartment today, i finally sent an e-mail saying we could do the gig on the 13th. he was after a headline band, which i wasn't sure we could do, to replace an act that had pulled out at short notice. anyway, i then got a message to say that another band had got in just before us. so in the end we missed out, but i think it will be ok - it was good to get to talk to him and we're on the radar now, so hopefully something can come of it down the line.

in a really bizarre train of events, however, two of the other great venues in sydney, the hopetoun and spectrum, emailed out of the blue to offer us spots at their respective new band nights. so all these gigs are now floating around, which is quite nice. just need to work out some details.

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