Friday Night Rehearsal April 24

It is always a feeling of coming home when Telafonica meet to practise. Although my heart is divided between the children trying to go to sleep and making music with Adrian and Ellie and Blake - it is indeed one of life's most delicious experiences to telafonic in the orange studio. Surrounded by musical, cinematic and artistic paraphernalia - U2 posters stolen from telegraph poles, posters and figurines from Star Wars and The Yellow Submarine and the painted faces of Andy Rantzen and Carlos Barrios (a gallery of Adrian's Archibald rejects) - as well as Dave and Marcella's CD collection and a variety of musical instruments of varying shapes and sizes, we feel that we are in our own little club house. We work very hard of course but our chief entertainment is the interaction between Ellie and Blake which always involves a series of fairly innocuous ritual insults of obscure origin.
Friday night's rehearsal came after a long break so there was a lot of excitement, dancing and irrational giggling. Blake perfected a dazzling Legolas impersonation involving drumsticks and I a not so dazzling impersonation of a bass player. I honestly believe it was easier carrying a full term baby in my stomach than holding that bass for the length of that rehearsal!
Sometimes rehearsals stretch beyond my ability to concentrate but this one seemed to be finished and Ellie and Blake were gone well before my brain cells started to glaze over.
Thank you to A. B. and E. for an excellent evening! Am looking forward to the next rehearsal and to playing in May!


Eliza said...

Ssss ssss ssss ssss.

Particularly liked the 'series of fairly innocuous ritual insults of obscure origin'.

I love you dearly, Bec.

Blake said...


innocuous! pfft...

Bec said...

Love you both big time!