smells like rain

blake - could you do a run through recording your vocal for smells like rain, recording it on your laptop? i've been working on it to get it sounding less cleanly electronic and a bit more psychedelic like other tracks in the new collection, and i'd like to hear how it's sounding with your voice in there. if you just loaded up an mp3 of the song into logic and recorded your vocal then e-mail just the vocal track to me as a high quality mp3, that should do the trick for now, until you have time to come over and do a proper recording.


Blake said...

can we wait til friday night?
after my 3 assessments are due? :)

Eliza said...

Och, poore Blek.

ajebec said...

it will just take you the time it takes to listen through to the track once (but singing along) and then export the voice track. rough and quick is fine, i just need it to be able to get an idea how it all might fit in. surely you can take a 10 minute break from your bustling academic life.