note to self

a brief list of the things to do this week with the new songs.
david - are you up to thinking about artwork ideas?

i can't make you love me.

re-record all vocals
crash at beginning of singing needs better sounds/definition
drop volume of toms very slightly
adjust last two notes of bass riff

smells like rain

transfer all files across to ableton live
change handclap to something more organic?
re-record vocals
record live cymbals instead of synthed ones

but i lose myself

reverb on main vocals @ 'hello, hello'
louder vocals from everyone except adrian
more bottom end punch
synth hook after first chorus?

the quest for love aboard the belafonte

backing vocals ('if love')

æowyn & the absolute truth

record all vocals (after working out who will sing each bit!)


minutæ on bec's vox
increase volume of violin drone
drums louder?

time to move the nest

adrian, eliza and bec vox
chorus vox arrangement
toy piano melody?
finale crescendo

don't speak for me

chord change for ending
re-record toy piano

the separation prepared this for another marriage

re-record vocals
think through segue sections

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