æowyn and the absolute truth

this is the track bec and i did for the march 20th project. i'll put all the details of the full disc up sometime soon, but i thought i'd stick the music up for now.

i had an idea that i'd like to make the music for a track entirely from a single sample. i used a short piece of violin i had recorded for cover a few days earlier. the first section was a mistake piece from the beginning of the recording, which created a nice rhythm, then the rest is the next drone section pitched to a few different notes. the lengths of each piece were deliberately set to be different, so they never sit in a structured rhythmic pattern - they're pretty much random. bec wrote the lyrics, about æowyn playing music and dancing and singing to it, but with deeper levels of meaning running around that as well.

the melody is semi-stolen from gus gus' 'is jesus your pal?', with some vocal stylings in the last verse inspired by underlapper.

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