peats ridge again?

ok. so i've been in gentle debate with bec over the last day and we've come to an agreement to apply to play at peats ridge festival again, with a few provisos. the first proviso is that everyone is free to play. so, is everyone free and wanting to play? now don't just jump in and say 'yes' with gusto. eliza, you did that last year and then 4 weeks out told us you'd be in parkes on the day! i know it's not very gen y, but these things get booked 5 months out, so we need to be planned 5 months ahead.

if you wanted to look at the line-up so far (which includes sarah blasko, sherlock's daughter, ghoul, deepchild and some other great people) you can go here.


Blake said...

how soon do we want a yes/no from all concerned?

the idea sounds good but i have no idea about if i want/can be booked over new years
my friends and family don't plan things 5 months out... hmm

ajebec said...

applications close in about 3 or 4 weeks.

Blake said...

oky doky

Eliza said...

Well, as I told Adrian and Bec, I cannot come. I will be having adventures in the world.