words and gigs

the ever wonderful peter hollo of utility fog/raven/fourplay fame gave us mention, not once, but twice, in a recent interview on mess + noise magazine. maybe one day we should meet him in person!

the seekae/ghoul/megastick fanfare/parades/bearhug show last night was pretty incredible - one of my favourite shows of recent memory. due to the issues of a ;lack of parking space then the extensive line on the door, we didn't get to see bearhug. but parades were great (the first time i've seen them with bec in the band), and things continued to get even better from there. it was a close thing, but megastick fanfare were my favourite of the night. their ways with odd rhythm patterns were beautiful, and i am definitely inspired to be more adventurous in the live vocal processing stakes having seen them. ghoul were better live than i had thought they would be - i love their recordings but had read their live show was more anarchic and thrown together. turns out that just means they're a bit louder than recorded, but still awesome. and seekae were as impressive as ever, especially considering it was their first live show for 6 or 7 months. their beats were tougher and crunchier than i've heard them in the past, with some very strong dubstep influences coming through. i loved the performances of all the bands on the night, so it was great to be in the room. my only regret is that we weren't on the bill. ;)

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