parades remixes

blake, parades would like their remixes by thursday. how's it going? i think i'm going ok with yours, but i'm having trouble telling if i'm improving it in any way.


Blake said...

i haven't touched yours, as i have been essaying my arse off.
i can work on it tomorrow and wednesday, i guess.

do you want to send me the one that you are currently working on?

ajebec said...

just mp3-ing it for you now.

Blake said...

what have you changed/added?
i can hear a new bass synth
and i think you added some new bass noise (or reverb-ed one of my kicks?)

i think that the last section draws out too long (i felt that way about it when i gave it to you)

initially, the bass synth sounds out of place. that is due to the fact that i had listened to the track a million times prior to that addition, obviously. also, it doesn't follow the chord pattern in the last section. i would think that i would accept that more readily if it wasn't a bass sound, though i am not 100% sure.
and i think that the bass sound is too loud.

the bass sound does add a new, obtuse element to the remix, which is good. all the other sounds are fairly small and narrow.

there are my thoughts, i'm not exactly sure where i stand with it... i still feel it lacks some new melodic interest in the final section. what do you think?

ajebec said...

i've taken a lot of the bass out. it originally ran right through the whole thing!

yeah, all i've added is the bass, and i made one of your kick drums more punchier as i thought it needed some weight, there was no drive anywhere.

not sure what you mean about the bass not following the chords. do you mean it doesn't follow the root note of each chord? if so, no it doesn't, but all the notes are in the actual chords being played.

you always think the bass is too loud. you need to get some speakers that play bass properly. and go to a decent dance party sometime. :)

Blake said...

yeh, i think you're right- i do need to get out!

i did mean the root notes of the chords.