radio killed the video star

we have an opportunity to go on to fbi on the 14th of november to plug the album/launch. only issue is that it's at 3:30, which has the potential to conflict with actually setting up for the gig, by the time we get back due to parramatta rd traffic on a saturday. the week before on the saturday is not available. the other option may be to go in to one of the morning programs during the week before. that would probably rule me out, but if at least two of you could do it, that could possibly be the best option - it's when the audience is at its largest. eliza and blake - do you know what dates you have exams on?

i need to let them know tomorrow (tuesday) so if you could let me know what you all think the best option might be, that would be excellent.

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Blake said...

my exams are on the 24th, 26th and 30th of november
so i would be more than happy to be one of the telafonicers going in