Two Things

When is a band practice not a band practice? When Cherry, Blake and Ellie step into the breach and mind children while Adrian and Bec take Bec's mum to Emergency with a bout of Total Global Amnesia. No, Ladies and Gentlemen, never a dull moment at Telafoniland! So first of all I want to say a big thank you and I love you to C., B. and E. who showed us tremendous love and servanthood on Friday night!

Second, I want to announce that this year's long awaited Telafoni-Christmas CD is about to take shape. The title is going to be "Myrrh is Mine" - a phrase from "We Three Kings" which is going to be the song that AJE and I work on. I chose it because it tells a bigger picture about Christmas and I think it captures the difficult year that many of us have had and are still having.

SO, Ellie, Cherry, Blake, Steve, Dave, Celli and the Bells, it's time to whip out your offering for this year's effort! AND we still need to figure out when this year's Christmas party is going to happen - complete with sing-a-long around the old pianer!

Love to everyone! Looking forward to playing with you on Friday night. Let's hope our rescheduled rehearsal on Thursday will be perfect first go. :)


Blake said...

our pleasure- we got to watch peter pan and wash up (i especially enjoyed the peter pan!). : )

i love the title! and your choice of song.

i'll cover 'great is thy faithfulness' (no, not a traditional carol, but it surely has enough to do with jesus to be part of this).

Eliza said...

Mmm, sounds great. I'm excited!

Thinking about releasing my inner soul sister and doing a version of Go Tell It On The Mountain.

Annelise Holwerda said...

Oh Bec, I hope your mum is alright... I'll be praying for her, and for you, these days.

Another thing is that one year I wish to see a Telafonica & friends live Christmas thing. It would be unusual, creativity allowing (was there ever a stronger cultural tradition to unique-ify?) and immensely enjoyable. Not to mention easily-friends/family-invitable in the season of Carols And/Or Symphonies.

I look forward to Myrrh is Mine, yes xo