new weird australia

in order to help promo the just like now show, we're going to go onto stu buchanan's new weird australia radio show on thursday the 4th of november. the show goes from 9-11, so it will be in there somewhere. we're going to talk about the gig to promo it and the new ep that markus is releasing on curt for us. we're also going to perform something live. being new weird australia, i was thinking maybe something a bit more freeform and improvised, and longer would be good. maybe the tail end of winter?

who's free and keen? are there any other suggestion of what we might do if tail end of winter is not an option?


Blake said...

is the show am or pm?

you're thinking of doing that song with just acoustic instruments? that's be interesting...

ajebec said...

pm. no, i was thinking we'd do it as we normally would. except maybe the guitar amp. :) we can run you (along with everything else) straight through the mixing desk.