video videos

i've been thinking lots about video clips lately because i'd like to have some. sam has completed cover, which i'm greatly looking forward to seeing (we'll organise a premiere at our place with dinner etc). and the belafonte clip is about 3/4 done, just needs a few more drawings to fill out some blank spaces. i also have an idea for a clip for i can hear there's a peace in the dark, which i'm going to sort of steal from steve's horizon shift film - the idea is to film a sunset over the suburbs and then project it upside-down onto our nice suburban house and refilm it. i also found an old thing we did of marcella singing dust - the intention then was to redraw each frame by hand in lead pencil. from memory i did about 10seconds worth and then got subsumed by the enormity of the project. but i still have the edited footage that i was copying, so i'm going to throw some on 8mm scratch film over it or something and put it online somewhere soon.

in that slight vein (redrawing a filmed thing) i came across this the other day, which telafonicans should hopefully find interesting on both an ├Žsthetic/conceptual level and a subject matter level. it's a nice concept where anyone can contibute, so if you actually go to the website, you can watch multiple versions based on different copies different people have contributed. this is the 'director curated version'. the idea is that you go to the site, can be given a random frame which you redraw yourself (digitally, mostly) and then upload so that it joins the database of frames. www.thejohnnycashproject.com

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