expanding on the idea

i've been thinking a little more about the album/remixes/film clips ideas. i've also been watching the movie embedded below with my year 10 photography and digital media class - we're studying appropriation at the moment. it's very well worth watching (i'd even demand that everyone watch it, but you all know i'm not really a tyrannical dictator).

in line with bunches of those ideas, i was wondering what everyone might think of releasing the master stems of each track along with each of the remix eps, so that anybody can make their own remix and then upload it? or, a step further again, release the master stems the month before and include one or two of the other people's remixes in the upcoming ep?


Mind Booster Noori said...

I've seen this done, my hint is: if you want to make this work good for everyone do:

1) release masters for each track you want to see remixed;
2) give people rights to do whatever they want with it (license it as creative commons, for instance);
3) say something like "the best 3 remixes, voted by the band, will be released in our CD";
4) add, for the rest: "all the remixes will be get together on a remix bundle as a free download".

Something like this...

ajebec said...

yeah, that's the general idea. though i'd probably want to have specifically commissioned artists for each of the official remix ep releases (which would probably be free - not quite sure on that yet). but then, everything that is submitted can be released as bonus versions.

it's basically what radiohead did with a track or two from in rainbows. except, from memory, you had to pay for the stems from them. and this would be an ongoing thing for 8 or 9 months that would eventually encompass the entire album.